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MKC Token

MarketPro9 R&D

// Presale Status

Activating Phase

2rd Phase
Sale Cycle
Sale Date: 16/11/2021
Token Price
1.15 USDT
The next cycle
Sale date: 02/12/2021
Next Price
1.2 USDT
1st Phase
Token Price Airdrop
2nd Phase
Total MKC 23,000,000 MKC
Token Price 1 MKC > 0.5 USDT
Initial DEX Offering on SushiSwap
MKC IDO is executed on the Tron Blockchain (TRC20) at the end at a rate of 3 USDT per MKC.
Our Ambitions

MARKETPRO9 Enterprise Platform Enabling enterprises to manage and invest their crypto assets in a seamless, secure and intuitive way.
MARKETPRO9 is already developed and has active pilots with a number of digital banks

Centralised Dashboard

An intuitive, central dashboard providing access to a suite of DeFi and crypto banking management tools.

DeFi Vault

Multi signature enterprise wallet that acts as a DeFi vault to store, manage and invest crypto assets into an array of leading networks such as Sushiswap , Balancer and Yearn Finance

Crypto Banking

Business banking portal enabling enterprises to seamlessly manage their day to day operations and capital expenditure. Features include crypto payments, wallet management and governance customisation

Data Mining Initiative

Collaborating with the Internet Service Provider partners on mining the data being generated and collected on our platform



Marketpro9 products are underpinned by Marketpro9 Core - a proprietary key management & transaction signing technology developed by PAC in 2020 that provides:

  • First party: Flexible Governance.
  • Second party: Security.
  • Third party: Interoperability.
  • Our Researchs

    Marketpro9 Research & Development

    Research and Development provides an important long-run perspective on the issues that we face on a day-to-day basis

    Marketpro9 Ecosystem

    We are unlocking the Marketpro9 Core technology via an API to enable 3rd party developers, partners and enterprises to leverage enterprise-grade security, customisable governance and interoperability available for any dApp.

    Ecosystem Adoption

    Marketpro9 expects third-party DApps to augment the majority of the network over the next 3 years by building on top of Marketpro9 Core

    // MKC Token

    We Make MKC Work In Your Favor

    // FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I buy a MKC Token?

    You can airdrop, purchase MKC tokens during our Presale (tentatively from 01 April) on or IDO on Sushiswap

    How many MKC Tokens will be available for pre-sale?

    We aim to 29 % MKC during the presale period. The presale will be splitted into a few phases, with early phases giving investors better discounts.

    How long will the pre-sale IDO of MKC tokens last?

    The pre-sale of MKC tokens planned to sell out 23 million MKC is over, listed on the exchange

    Can I exchange my MKC Tokens after the IDO?

    MKC tokens will be tradeable as soon as the IDO kick starts (details to be announced closer to the IDO date). We are working with exchange partners to have MKC listed on their platforms.

    Do I need to fill KYC details to partake in the IDO?

    KYC is not mandatory for IDO participation.

    our Team

    Board Of Directors